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Mo’ money Mo’ Beef


It seems like the waters can never be calm in the music industry. Right when you thought Meek Mill was finally done with any type of friction with any other artists, he’s not. This time taking a jab at the Dreamchasers artist is none other than The Game. This alleged “beef” caught social media by surprise starting with The Game threatening Meek Mill on stage at a venue in Miami this past week. Explaining to the audience how bad he wanted to hurt the Philly rapper by saying, “I just wanna beat that n*gga ass for a good time,” he says. “When you see me n*gga, square up. It don’t gotta be about no guns, n*gga. Fuck Meek Mill.” Of course, any typical 2016 feud is not complete without going back and fourth on Instagram. The rappers both exchanged some provocative posts which have some speculating photoshop. While others are simple throwback pictures of the rappers with harsh childish like captions. Most think this is a stunt to promote a new album from the game that’s dropping. The Game even followed up dropping a diss track “92 bars”. The track got down to the dirty graphic details on what the Compton rapper would do when they cross paths. Due to some strong language from both parties, I’ll simply leave a few posts from both sides. I’ll let you guys decide are you #TeamTheGame or #TeamMeekMill leave your comments below.






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