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Next Up: Erica M, Owner of Ask Erica M, Talks Business and Fashion

About Erica M.

Known as the “Shoe Maven in the Making”, Erica M. specializes in providing the trendiest, chicest styles in shoes and fashion, creating memorable shoe statements that will be the talk of the town forever! Her motto? “Trends change, style is everlasting”.

Born and raised in Baltimore, M.D., Erica knew what style was at the tender age of 10; to deal with the pain and stress of being bullied, she found comfort in and an outlet for her creativity while playing dress up in the shoes and jewelry of her mother, Robin, and grandmother, Hester. Inspired by style icons such as Versace and Oscar De La Renta, she realized how powerful fashion could be and became determined to style the world in bold yet classy pieces.

Knowing that there must be other girls struggling with the same issues, In 2009, Erica launched Tru Goddess Empowerment, a community organization that focuses on the empowerment of teen girls and women.. Tru Goddess Empowerment has now re-launched in Dania Beach, Florida.

In 2012, Erica and her sister, Domeakia, brought their dream of opening the online women’s shoe boutique, Goddess Couture, to fruition and began to style reality TV stars such as Love Majewski, Krystle Couso, Alexander Dilworth, and Aida Rodriguez, just to name a few. After the sudden loss of their mother in 2014, Erica decided to relocate to South Florida in order to focus 1000% on building and branding her business and styling ladies everywhere, re-inventing herself and her life in the process.

​​​”This is only the beginning of my styling journey. So many feet in the world and only one shoe stylist can style them… Erica M.”

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