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NU MUSIC: Tund3 – Bank (Official Music Video)

Tund3 was born in Miami, Florida than spent his childhood in Nigeria. He returned back to Miami spending most of his teenage years in Ives dairy, Fl. He began his music career at the age of 20. His love for music spawned from looking up to idols and the greats that came before him. He also enjoys performing and stage control. “The love you get when people like your music. The inspiration I give to others when they hear my music is all I’m here for”.

Starting out, nobody liked his music, he just kept going. Tund3 had a couple of friends who were willing to take a chance on music with him. From studio sessions to traveling to merchandise, etc. Over time, people are now starting to fall in love with his music. Tund3 is heading in the right direction.

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