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PBG Miami is blazing through Florida with his new track “PAIDAH”

PBG Miami debuted his hot single ” Paidah” last night at Oasis Studios in Miami. The event was jam packed with celebrities like Ball Greezy, Abebe Lewis (Owner of Circle house) and more. Plus the main room  provided an intimate yet, cozy setting.  Stuffed to the ceiling was a mixer that included some of the best Media, DJ’s, Radio Personel and Bloggers from all over (including your favorite Next Up Tv).  As I stood in the Studio the smooth beat cascaded through the speakers. Causing everyone to almost simultaneously vibe to the beat. Super Producers Cool and Dre are to thank for that. I can see why this collaboration came together so nicely. If I could describe the track I would have to say it has a “Refined Florida feel”. I could definitely hear this track anywhere and everywhere. This isn’t PBG’s first time working with big names. In the past, he has worked with Manny Fresh, Kent Jones, and Reggae artist Red Rat. He has also been recently featured in Miami New Times as an artist to watch. PBG Miami has a very humble presence that is sure to capture not only the hearts of fans but their ears as well. He made it clear that the media is a valuable and important source in the music industry.  The media is what artists rely on to spread the word of their great music.  To get a glimpse into a golden moment like that was amazing. In that very moment, I knew PBG Miami is not only a well rounded Artist, But he is most definitely Next Up.  Check out some of the pictures below from the event along with a video clip inside the studio. Let us know what you think about the “Paidah” promo video below in the comment section.


Photo Cred: @hiphopdose


PBG posted with Cool at Oasis studios for the listening party



Had to snap a quick pic with Cool in the studio

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