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Karrueche Graces Vulkan Magazine

Check out the exclusive highlights of Karrueche Vulkan Magazine cover story:


How do you stay grounded despite your fame?

I’ve always reminded myself to stay humble. I never want to allow any amount of fame or money to change the person that I have been.

Philanthropy is a big part of your life. Can you tell us about some of the causes that are most important to you?

I’m always open to being supportive of different causes. I’m a big believer of giving back, especially to the community. I’ve done various food/clothing drives in different cities, bringing people together to give back to their community. I think it’s important we support one another and give back in whatever way you can, especially when you do it all With Love.

We see that you have quite a few tattoos! What’s the total count? Can you tell us the story behind your favorite one(s)?

I have 7 tattoos total. My favorite one is the dragon on my hand. I got it because in Chinese astrology I’m the year of the dragon (year 88). I wanted to get something either on my hand or a full sleeve, and decided to go with the hand. It’s a random tattoo and not on a very common place on the body, but I love it.

Have you ever been star-struck? Can you tell us a bit about that experience?

The first time I met Pharrell, I was star struck. It was at a recording studio and it was very brief, but I was at a loss for words.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016? Any major projects you can tell us about?

I actually just booked  an audition today so will most likely be filming that this year. I can’t say much but it’s a huge life-changing role for me! And KaePop’s second collection is coming in August!VulKan2Vulkan4vulkan5vulkan8 vulkan9


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