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You are what you watch

You know that phrase ” you are what you eat” and how true it is? Well, I believe that the same goes for what we watch on T.V. as well. I was always told you can figure out a person and their personality by three things. What they talk about, read and watch. It seems that people now and days have a hard time separating “Reality Television” from Reality itself. Studies have shown that too much t.v. is bad for you already but, what most don’t know. Is that there are some crazy side effects for watching too much reality shows. Studies have shown that watching high levels of these quirky shows can cause stress on people and their personal relationships, friendships and in the workplace. People who watch high volumes of these shows are more likely to be more concerned with social media praise and obsessed with how many likes they receive on a post. It almost seems like people are trying to chase this made up a lifestyle that doesn’t exist. Because let’s face it In 2016 everyone, even my grandma knows most of these shows are scripted. So why chase something that is clearly fake?
In my opinion, I feel like shows such as Bad Girls Club and Love & Hip-hop rip moral and social standards apart. They leave viewers wanting unrealistic expectations in regards to fame and fortune. Plus, most of these shows do not promote a healthy lifestyle for families. They cram the whole “Baby Mama” “Baby Daddy” scenario down viewers throats. Poisoning our youth to make it seem like its “the norm”. Along with also encouraging people to continue to stay in toxic relationships of any kind (of course, they do it for ratings, so in that case its ok right?). With most of these shows, it’s the same thing guy curses girl out. Girl throws a drink in the face of her arch nemesis. We find out someone is broke. Someone cheated on someone and the poor cycle continues.
giphy (1) I personally can not watch these shows even the Real House Wives series. I squint at how awkward most of those situations are permanently documented  for the whole world to see. I believe that now most are taking this social celebrity thing too far. It seems everyone wants to get famous. Even if it means making a complete fool of themselves. So with that being said your brain is an organ as well. Just as you would avoid some bad food or spoiled milk. Do the same and avoid these horribly scripted spoiled story line filled shows. Fill your life with more interesting things to watch that don’t include half of your show being censored due to language. If you’re like some of my friends who can’t help but watch these shows just try to go easy and cut back on them. giphy

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